Sentence Examples

  • People now come from all over the US to get their tats done at Hart & Huntington, and the list of celebrities going under the needle there is likely to grow as Hart himself will soon be a full-fledged tattoo artist.
  • While the school's two main business tracks, the fast track and the flexible track, offer online classes for certain courses and numerous online resources, the program has not fully developed into a full-fledged MBA.
  • It is better to start slowly with a simple journal and work your way up to a full-fledged home management system, rather than start off with something so complicated you stop using it out of frustration.
  • A full-fledged marketing plan for a store, no matter how small or new the store, would be several pages long and contain more detailed text in the executive summary and throughout the tactical section.
  • Willow dabbles with magic throughout the series, but becomes a full-fledged witch by the time she is in college and turns to the blackest of spells when Tara is killed at the end of the sixth season.