Sentence Examples

  • Next the legislature of the " Reorganized " government on the 13th of May gave its consent to the formation of the new state.
  • Each of these companies was allotted a definite sphere of influence, and was granted a concession for ninety-nine years from its date of formation, the concessions thus terminating at various dates between 1950 and 1960.
  • His action in abolishing all tolls established on the Rhine since 1250, led to the formation of a league against him by the Rhenish archbishops and the count palatine of the Rhine; but aided by the towns, he soon crushed the rising.
  • - The formation of buds which separate to form new cells.
  • The carrying out of Federalist principles led, however, to the formation in the republic of a number of quasiindependent military states, and Dorrego only ruled in Buenos Aires.

What's another word for formation?

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