Sentence Examples

  • The land act of 1870 had given the tenant no security in the case of eviction for non-payment of rent; and the tenant whose rent was too high or had been raised was at the mercy of his landlord.
  • These rights, which are heritable but not transferable, protect the tenant against eviction, except for default in payment of rent, while the rent may not be enhanced except by mutual agreement or by order of a revenue court.
  • He proposed also that, in cases of eviction, the smaller tenantry should receive compensation for disturbance.
  • By the second the tenant was secured from eviction except for non-payment of rent.
  • This obligation makes the landlord responsible for any lawful eviction of the tenant during the term, but not for wrongful eviction unless he is himself the wrongdoer or has expressly made himself responsible for evictions of all kinds.

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