Sentence Examples

  • His enunciation of his theory is itself destructive of that theory.
  • In his famous " Nicholson letter " of December 1847 he made what was probably the earliest enunciation of the doctrine of " popular sovereignty," namely, that the people of the territories should decide for themselves whether or not they should have slavery.
  • Assoc. Report, 1876, p. 36), and although at its original enunciation its meaning was not at first fully apprehended, it soon took its place as the expression of the fundamental law of electrokinetics.
  • If, however, we take the true view of the major premise, namely, that it is not a mere summary of observed particulars but the enunciation of a necessary connexion between two concepts or universals, then the conclusion assumes a different character.
  • By his enunciation of the order that comes from reason, on the other hand, he suggested, though he seems not to have stated explicitly, the theory that nature is the work of design.

What's another word for enunciation?

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