Sentence Examples

  • The articulation between the tibia and astragalus is more complex than in other mammals, the end of the malleolus entering into it.
  • The astragalus has a pulley-like surface above for articulation into the tibia, but its lower surface is flattened and unites to a much greater extent with the navicular than with the cuboid, which bone is of comparatively less importance than in the Artiodactyles.
  • A preorbital vacuity of such dimensions as to exclude the lachrymal bone from articulation with the nasal.
  • When this attachment takes place by an articulation, the petals fall off either immediately after expansion (caducous) or after fertilization (deciduous).
  • 3 As to inference, finally, the ideal of the articulation of the universe of discourse, as it is for complete knowledge, when its disjunctions have been thoroughly followed out and it is exhaustively determined, carried the day with him against the view that the organon for gaining knowledge is syllogism.

What's another word for articulation?

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