Sentence Examples

  • But there is no reason for doubting the universal tradition which ascribes it to Clement, or the generally accepted date, c. A.D.
  • It was during the siege of Arca that Peter Bartholomew, to whom the vision of the Holy Lance had first appeared, was subjected, with no definite result, to the ordeal of fire - the hard-headed Normans doubting the genuine character of any Provencal vision, the more when, as in this case, it turned to the political advantage of the Provencals.
  • Power and their arrogance, and doubting their loyalty, he imprisoned them and confiscated their lands.
  • "Are you sure?" asked a doubting voice.
  • "Thanks," Kiera said, doubting her outgoing friend would sit in a corner like she planned on doing.

What's another word for doubting?

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