Sentence Examples

  • Eying her breakfast doubtfully, she sat down.
  • 1529), was rector here in the later part of his life, and is doubtfully considered a native.
  • Although the treatise IIEpi voivwv is doubtfully from the pen of Hippocrates, it contains strong evidence of having been the work of his grandson, representing the views of the Father of Medicine.
  • The statement as to their Medic origin, regarded as incomprehensible by Herodotus, is doubtfully explained by Rawlinson as indicating that "the Sigynnae retained a better recollection than other European tribes of their migrations westward and Aryan origin"; R.
  • In spite of the bulk of the evidence being in favour of geniality of climate, it is necessary to observe that certain deposits have been recognized as glacial; in the culm of the Frankenwald, in the coal basins of central France, and in central England, certain conglomeratic beds have been assigned, somewhat doubtfully, to this origin.

What's another word for doubtfully?

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