Sentence Examples

  • The temple and the curative establishment of the god were situated outside the city.
  • In Roman times curative properties were ascribed to the waters: Mukaddasi (A.D.
  • It was principally famous, however, for its warm sulphur springs, remarkable for their variety and curative properties (Pliny, Hist.
  • In 1513 Juan Ponce de Leon (c. 1 4 60-1521), who had been with Christopher Columbus on his second voyage and had later been governor of Porto Rico, obtained a royal grant authorizing him to discover and settle " Bimini," - a fabulous island believed to contain a marvellous fountain or spring whose waters would restore to old men their youth or at least had wonderful curative powers.
  • Many of the springs have curative properties, one of them, the Green Cove Spring in Clay county, discharging about 3000 gallons of sulphuretted water per minute.

What's another word for curative?

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