Sentence Examples

  • That's the culmination of the thirty day trial.
  • The Lion, as the symbol of fire, L represented the culmination of the solar heat.
  • The 4th century marks the culmination of early Christian preaching.
  • The art of casting bronze reached its culmination in the hands of a group of great expertsSeimin, TOun, Masatune, TeijO, SOmin, Keisai, Takusai, Gido, Zenryusai and Hotokusaiwho flourished during the second half of the 18th century and the first half of the 19th.
  • The struggle for emancipation in the West Indies was then at the point of culmination; the leaders of the cause, from all parts of the kingdom, were assembled in London, and Garrison was at once admitted to their councils and treated with distinguished consideration.

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