Sentence Examples

  • He appeared, however, only once at its conferences, owing to his age and to disappointment at the comparative failure of his work.
  • Rafferty in Journal of the Society of Comparative Legislation, New Series, xvii., xx.
  • Brunn, whose comparative method in art-criticism he much developed.
  • Thrice only did he visit Europe between 1863 and 1902, the result of this long comparative isolation, and of his constant intercourse with the Peking officials, being that he learnt to look at events through Chinese spectacles; and his work, These from the Land of Sinim, shows how far this affected his outlook.
  • The simple theory of the dispersion of light by small particles suffices to explain not only the blue of the zenith, but the comparative absence of small wave-lengths from the direct solar rays, and the brilliant orange and red coloration of the setting sun and of the clouds illuminated by his rays.

What's another word for comparative?

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