Sentence Examples

  • For the theological discussions whether and in what sense type fourth commandment is binding on Christians, see Decalogue.
  • As he informed Gilbert Sheldon, then warden of All Souls, in a letter, he was fully resolved on two points - that to say that the Fourth Commandment is a law of God appertaining to Christians is false and unlawful, and that the damnatory clauses in the Athanasian Creed are most false, and in a high degree presumptuous and schismatical.
  • 31): the new commandment, the other helper; " Arise, let us go hence."
  • 21); the Father's commandment is life everlasting, and Jesus' words are spirit and life (xii.
  • 44, 24); it is the Jews generally who appear throughout as such; nowhere is there a word as to forgiving our enemies; and the commandment of love is designated by Jesus as His, as new, and as binding the disciples to " love one another " within the community to which He gives His " example " (xv.

What's another word for commandment?

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