Sentence Examples

  • Lxxxix.); or of the forces of the world in general which do his bidding, cf.
  • Concini surrounded himself with new men, insignificant persons ready to do his bidding, such as Barbin or Mangot, while in the background was Richelieu, bishop of Lucon.
  • 29 seq.) and solemnly bidding them exercise their disciplinary duties.
  • Fiegn Johns writ of 1213, bidding discreet men from each nings of shire to present themselves at Oxford, found its parilaparallel in another writ of 1253 which bids four knightly meat.
  • He certainly set out for Rome from the south of Italy (where he remained as proconsul) at the bidding of the aristocratic party, when the city was threatened by Marius and Cinna, but he displayed little energy, and the engagement which he fought before the Colline gate, although hotly contested, was indecisive.

What's another word for bidding?

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