Sentence Examples

  • The machinations of Aaron Burr are of interest in connexion with Louisiana annals, and likewise the settlement and revolutionizing of West Florida by Americans.
  • The pin oak, sometimes called the "burr-oak," Q.
  • In January 1779 Burr was assigned to the command of :the "lines" of Westchester county, a region between the British post at Kingsbridge and that of the Americans about 15 m.
  • The Republican candidates, Jefferson and Aaron Burr, receiving equal votes, it devolved upon the House of Representatives, in accordance with the system which then obtained, to make one of the two president, the other vicepresident.
  • He had a voice both sweet and deep-toned, and its effect was not injured by his Northumbrian burr, which, though strong, was entirely free from harshness and vulgarity."

What's another word for burr?

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