Sentence Examples

  • The Burr conspiracy (1804-1806) aroused some excitement in the state.
  • Burr established a thorough patrol system, rigorously enforced martial law, and quickly restored order.
  • The attempts of a powerful faction among the Federalists to secure the election of Burr failed, partly because of the opposition of Alexander Hamilton and partly, it would seem, because Burr himself would make no efforts to obtain votes in his own favour.
  • Smarting under defeat and angered by Hamilton's criticisms, Burr sent the challenge which resulted in the famous duel at Weehawken, N.J., on the 11th of July 1804, and the death of Hamilton on the following day.
  • After the expiration of his term as vicepresident (March 4, 1805), broken in fortune and virtually an exile from New York, where, as in New Jersey, he had been indicted for murder after the duel with Hamilton, Burr visited the South-west and became involved in the so-called conspiracy which has so puzzled the students of that period.

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