Sentence Examples

  • In height and include the knob-thorn, water-boom, kafir-boom (with brilliant scarlet flowers), the Cape chestnut and milkwoods (Mimusops).
  • Above this knob is often present an ectepicondylar process whence arise the tendons of the ulnar and radial flexors.
  • Byj turning the knob A, placed at the front corner of the stage, a black or white plate, forming a dark or light background, can be swung underneath the specimen.
  • The end of the column C is traversed by the micrometer screw D which is set in action by the knob E.
  • The quartzites, like those of the Dalradian series, weather out in cones, such as the two Sugarloaves south of Bray, or in knob-set ridges, such as the crest of Howth or Carrick Mt.

What's another word for knob?

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