Sentence Examples

  • Philodendrons have broad green or green and white leaves and they grow long tendrils that don't usually latch on to thing but can be trained to wind around bookshelves, on strings or basically wherever you'd like a little bit of color.
  • Many people believe that the conscious mind can alter reality and even dedicate their lives to meditation and prayer, while others latch on to the next great fear and worry.
  • The graphics were way ahead of any other portable system out there, but the innate cult following were the only gamers to really latch onto the capabilities.
  • A hook-and-eye or sliding latch will be enough to keep sudden gusts of wind or curious raccoons from opening the lid and possibly breaking the glass.
  • These kinds of gates can easily prevent an exploring toddler from reaching up and trying to undo the latch; this is perfect for keeping them safe.