Sentence Examples

  • Versatile, lighthearted, boastful and pleasure-loving, he contrasts with the nobler and more intellectual character of Averroes.
  • At the time the Pequod was making good speed through the water; but as the broad-winged windward stranger shot nigh to her, the boastful sails all fell together as blank bladders that are burst, and all life fled from the smitten hull.
  • "We know that you have Bonaparte and that he has beaten everybody in the world, but we are a different matter..."--without knowing why or how this bit of boastful patriotism slipped out at the end.
  • He tells everyone in a rather boastful voice that flying is fun he is really enjoying the war.
  • He was never boastful but had great football knowledge.

What's another word for boastful?

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