Sentence Examples

  • Versatile, lighthearted, boastful and pleasure-loving, he contrasts with the nobler and more intellectual character of Averroes.
  • "Fastened by chains of adamant" was the boastful phrase in which Dionysius described his empire; but under his son, the younger Dionysius - an easy, good-natured, unpractical man - a reaction set in amongst the restless citizens of Syracuse, which, with its vast and mixed populations, must have been full of elements of turbulence and faction.
  • Besides Themison, its systematic founder, the school boasted many physicians eminent in their day, among whom Thessalus of Tralles, a halfeducated and boastful pretender, was one of the most popular.
  • Among less important, but still conspicuous, figures may be mentioned Kay (the Kai of the Mabinogion), Arthur's foster-brother and sensechal, the type of the bluff and boastful warrior, and Bedivere (Bedwyr), the type of brave knight and faithful retainer, who alone is with Arthur at his passing, and afterwards becomes " a hermit and a holy man."
  • But he was boastful, arrogant and quarrelsome; like the Telamonian Ajax, he was the enemy of Odysseus, and in the end the victim of the vengeance of Athene, who wrecked his ship on his homeward voyage (Odyssey, iv.

What's another word for boastful?

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