Sentence Examples

  • When Bulgaria under the Berlin Treaty was constituted an autonomous principality under the suzerainty of Turkey, the tsar recommended his nephew to the Bulgarians as a candidate for the newly created throne, and Prince Alexander was elected prince of Bulgaria by unanimous vote of the Grand Sobranye (April 29, 1879).
  • The dukes of the Greek empire and the Lombard dukes 1 Benevento, together with a few autonomous commercial cities, still divided Italy below the Campagna of Rome (seeL0MBARDs).
  • Though the cabinet had no stable majority, it induced the Chamber to sanction a commercial treaty which had been negotiated with France and a general autonomous customs tariff.
  • During the Greco-Turkish War of 1897 Visconti Venosta labored to maintain the Europe-an concert, joined Great Britain in preserving Greece from the worst consequences of her folly, and lent moral and material aid in establishing an autonomous government in Crete.
  • A, Cell (individual) of the unicellular Green Alga Pleurococcus, as an example of an undifferentiated autonomous assimilating cell.

What's another word for autonomous?

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