Sentence Examples

  • But there is still a higher attainment; it is not enough to be sinless, one must become " God."
  • In the West there was unanimity only on three points: the necessity of baptism for the remission of sins, the inheritance of sin as a result of Adam's fall, and the indispensableness of the divine grace in the attainment of goodness.
  • The announcement of Peary's attainment of the North Pole in 1909 convinced Amundsen that he could not raise sufficient funds for his proposed five years' absence, and he determined to make a dash for the South Pole in order to raise money for the greater project.
  • 30, after the shortest and most successful expedition which ever wintered in the Antarctic. The one object, the attainment of the Pole, had been accomplished quickly and easily and the meteorological observations were of great value in extending the conclusions of other investigators.
  • The whole history of his researches proves how fully he was aware of the conditions necessary for the attainment of achromatism in refracting telescopes, and he may be well excused if he so long placed implicit reliance on the accuracy of experiments made by so illustrious a philosopher as Newton.

What's another word for attainment?

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