Sentence Examples

  • FHA is concerned about applicants' credit scores for good reason; it is a reflection of the applicants' credit worthiness and demonstrates their integrity regarding paying their bills.
  • A favorite event is the junk-collection ship building contest, where hopeful engineers can use only materials found around the ship and each vessel is tested in a hot tub for sea worthiness and durability.
  • If you faithfully pay your credit card on time every month and do not exceed your credit limit then your credit worthiness will be rewarded when you're ready to apply for a non-student credit card.
  • Following the legal procedures can seem like a daunting task, and it may be almost offensive to some parents who feel as though they are being forced to prove their worthiness as parents.
  • Foremost on my "worthiness" list is whether the product can produce a number of looks with just a few colors - if so, I know it's worth the price and will pay for itself over time.