Sentence Examples

  • Whether your goal is to obtain completely flat abs by losing the layer of fat, or if you're really looking for killer washboard abs, you can reach either goal by exercising your abs regularly and obtaining a healthy body weight.
  • Bottom line: don't pounce on a cookie-cutter recommendation out of a magazine just because some person with washboard abs recommends it -- read up on what's best for you or talk to a personal trainer.
  • Daniel Craig: The James Bond actor captivated in a small blue pair of swim trunks on the beach, which accented his washboard abdominal muscles, his thick legs, and general attractiveness.
  • It's one of the many ab-targeted exercise machines that can help you get that washboard stomach, but with the added bonus of watching your favorite television program at the same time.
  • Training the ab muscles is greatly beneficial, not least for health reasons, but if your goal is visible washboard abs you're going to have to do something to burn off bodyfat too.