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Another word for visitor

  1. A person or persons visiting one

      1. A visitor; a guest.
      2. A migratory bird that stops in a particular place for a limited period of time.
      3. A visitor, esp. one from a strange or foreign place
      1. One who is a recipient of hospitality at the home or table of another.
      2. A visiting performer, speaker, or contestant, as on a radio or television program.
      3. A person who appears or performs on a program by special invitation
      1. A business enterprise; a firm.
      2. A group associated for some purpose, as to form a commercial or industrial firm
      3. A guest or guests:
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  2. One that arrives

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Another word for visitor


Synonym Study

  • Caller applies to one who makes a brief, often formal visit, as for business or social reasons
  • Guest applies to one who is hospitably entertained at the home of another, as at dinner, or, by extension, to one who pays for his lodgings, meals, etc. at a hotel
  • Visitant now generally suggests a supernatural rather than a human visitor and, in biology, is applied to a migratory bird in any of its temporary resting places
  • Visitor is the general term for one who comes to see a person or spend some time in a place, whether for social, business, or professional reasons, or for pleasure visitors to the Grand Canyon