Sentence Examples

  • While coordinated details - fairy tale invitations, a castle wedding cake topper, glass slipper favors - can create a subtle fantasy atmosphere of romance and innocence, too many details can be overwhelming and may seem childish or cliché.
  • Black toppers add a spooky but sweet touch to a black and orange or Halloween wedding, while a Jack and Sally topper with white tulle and background can be a fun way to incorporate this theme into a wedding with more traditional colors.
  • You can save money by hiring less experienced decorators, simplifying your design, choosing just a topper instead of an entire cake design, and requesting ingredients and flavor combinations that are on the cheaper end.
  • Trendy Plus Size Clothes: Finding a classic leather topper at Trendy Plus Size Clothing is no problem; however, choosing just one from the many well-known designer names and fashionable styles could prove problematic.
  • Instead of decorating with piping, a three-tier chocolate cake design might feature melted white chocolate in an abstract pattern on the sides of the cake or a spray of brightly colored, tropical flowers as a topper.