Sentence Examples

  • Symptoms of EDS within this category may include soft, mildly stretchable skin, shortened bones, chronic diarrhea, joint hypermobility and dislocation, bladder rupture, or poor wound healing.
  • Even introductory level sewing machines offer multiple stitching options, including zig-zag stitches and stitches originally intended to create buttonholes or stretchable seams.
  • Instead of charms that hang off links like silver charm bracelets or beaded charms, Italian charms are clipped onto a central stretchable band.
  • Made out of Nylon and stretchable Elastane, you will appreciate this tankini set that stays with you as your baby grows.
  • They are made of a material called Breathe Weave™, a lightweight, woven yet stretchable fabric that dries quickly.