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Another word for soliloquy

      1. A passage or composition, in verse or prose, presenting the words or thoughts of a single character
      2. A long speech made by one person, often monopolizing a conversation.
      3. (Comedy) A long series of comic stories and jokes as an entertainment.
      1. Words spoken by an actor in such a way that they are heard by the audience but supposedly not by the other actors
      2. An incidental remark made quietly so as to be heard by the person to whom it is said and not by any others in the vicinity.
      3. A piece of dialogue intended for the audience and supposedly not heard by the other actors on stage.
      1. To indicate the omission of a letter or letters from a word or phrase (Ex.: o' for of, it's for it is)
      2. To form the possessive case of English nouns and some pronouns (Ex.: Mary's dress, the girls' club, one's duty)
      3. Words addressed to a person or thing, whether absent or present, generally in an exclamatory digression in a speech or literary writing
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