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Another word for sibilate

  1. To make a sharp sibilant sound

      1. To make the quick, hissing, or rushing sound of something moving swiftly through the air
      2. To move or flow swiftly, often when making such a sound.
      3. To move swiftly with or as with this sound
      1. To mix or spin (ingredients), as in a blender.
      2. To move or do something quickly:
      3. To move swiftly with or as with a buzzing or hissing sound
      1. To cause to move with a swishing sound:
      2. To move with a light, brushing sound, as skirts in walking
      3. To move with a sharp, hissing sound, as a cane swung through the air
      1. To be exciting or dazzling
      2. To make a hissing sound when in contact with heat, as a drop of water on hot metal
      3. To be very popular, exciting, or interesting:
      1. To say or indicate by hissing
      2. To utter with a hissing sound.
      3. To make a sound like that of a prolonged s, as of a goose or snake when provoked or alarmed, or of escaping steam, air, etc.
      1. (Informal) To fail or end weakly, especially after a hopeful beginning.
      2. To make a hissing or sputtering sound
      1. To make a hissing or bubbling sound; effervesce.
      2. To give off gas bubbles; effervesce
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