Sentence Examples

  • He is not a diligent researcher into family history; his questions are more of an interest at the moment.
  • According to a study at Atlanta's Morehouse School of Medicine, researcher Tesfaye Belay, Ph.D determined that stress can make you physically sick by increasing stress hormones in the body which promote bacteria growth.
  • One researcher in Australia stated that the stresses on families with children diagnosed with moderate or severe AD are greater than the burdens on families with children with type 1 diabetes.
  • Dr. Zemel, the head researcher of this particular clinical trial, has been criticized for the outcome connecting reduction in body weight with dairy products because the questionable corporate self-interest of the Dairy Council.
  • Researcher Laurence Steinberg summed it up in the 2001 Journal of Research on Adolescence, saying "I know of no study that indicates that adolescents fare better when they are reared with some other parenting style."