Sentence Examples

  • The pay of his rank was small, and his appointment on the quartermaster-general's staff made it necessary to keep two horses, so that he had to write mathematical school-books in his spare time to eke out his resources.
  • The persons on board the fleet included 564 male and 192 female convicts, and a detachment of marines, consisting of Major Ross, commandant, 16 officers, 24 non-commissioned officers, an adjutant and quartermaster, 160 privates and 40 women.
  • In 1860 he was made quartermaster-general, with the rank of brigadiergeneral.
  • Wilkinson then resigned (March 1778) his newly-acquired commission, but later re-entered the service in the quartermaster, He died in London on the 19th of general's department, and was clothier-general from July 1779 to March 1781.
  • After the Mexican war he served in the West, in Florida and elsewhere; was married in 1850 to Miss Almira Russell of St Louis; became first lieutenant in 1853, and assistant-quartermaster with the rank of captain in 1855.