Sentence Examples

  • The original U.S.S. Enterprise created by Gene Roddenberry for the 1966 series combined the saucer of flying saucers with a propulsion system that gave the vessel a sleek, gliding-through-space appearance.
  • Prior to the 19th century, wind energy was primarily used for the purposes of boat propulsion, grinding grains to make bread and other food items, and to pump water for irrigation and consumption.
  • Feet should be facing forward down the slide and slightly elevated to avoid rubbing on the surface of the slide or in the hardest part of the water propulsion jets.
  • Can you share your own opinion as to what warp-drive propulsion theory (if any) that you personally feel is the most likely to see the light of day in our future?
  • Human feet provide poor propulsion, so fins help move the body through the water; this is a big help when a diver is carrying equipment that creates drag.