Sentence Examples

  • This printer is purely mechanical, and its speed is very high.
  • This receiving apparatus, with the exception of the Morse printer, was contained in a sheet-iron box, so as to exclude it from the action of the sparks of the neighbouring transmitter.
  • At Basel he found work as a printer, and here, probably, it was that he died in the winter of 1542-1543.
  • Franklin's superior management of the paper, his new type, " some spirited remarks " on the controversy between the Massachusetts assembly and Governor Burnet, brought his paper into immediate notice, and his success both as a printer and as a journalist was assured and complete.
  • Printed brochures, gratis from Myrtle Somebody whose brother-in-law was a printer, were placed about town by tiny Tonya, an eight-year-old Latina waif hired by Fred for five bucks.