Sentence Examples

  • The Batavians served with fidelity and distinction in all parts of the empire, and from the days of Augustus onwards formed a considerable part of the Praetorian guard.
  • It was administered under the empire by a curator of praetorian rank, as were the other important roads of Italy.
  • His father was Flavius Manlius Boetius, and it is probable that the Flavius Boetius, the praetorian prefect who was put to death in A.D.
  • (For the distinction between Quiritary and praetorian ownership, see ROMAN LAW.)
  • Rivalry had already existed between Stilicho and Rufinus, the praetorian praefect of the East, who had exercised considerable influence over the emperor and who now was invested with the guardianship of Arcadius.