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Another word for praetorian

  1. Ruthlessly seeking personal advantage

      1. Deteriorated from the normal or standard
      2. Venal or dishonest:
      3. Containing errors or alterations, especially ones that prevent proper understanding or use:
      1. Hired for service in a foreign army.
      2. Designating a soldier serving for pay in a foreign army
      3. Motivated solely by a desire for monetary or material gain.
      1. Characterized by bribery or corruption
      2. Open to bribery; mercenary:
      3. Characterized by corrupt dealings, especially bribery:
      1. Having or marked by bends, curves, or angles.
      2. (Informal) Dishonest or unscrupulous; fraudulent.
      3. At an irregular or improper angle; askew:
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