Sentence Examples

  • Super Mario Strikers is the newest addition to the series of games by Nintendo that takes everyone's favorite plumber and all of his friends (and enemies), and throws them into the sports arena.
  • He is a plumber by trade--though you never really see him in his environment--that consistently gets charged to rescue Princess Peach, who routinely gets kidnapped by Bowser and his underlings.
  • Who would have known that everyone's favorite pudgy plumber was also a M.D. Mario dons the white coat and all in this game as you manuever around medicine capsules of different colors to clear out the viruses found on the screen.
  • Sure, Pilotwings 64 was utterly forgettable, but Mario 64 was the first game that featured a three-dimensional environment wherein our favorite pudgy plumber in red overalls could romp around and jump on a goomba or two.
  • Designers got to work by analysing the 'flaws' of Nintendo's mascot, who when stripped to his basic elements is essentially a plumber that jumps on his enemies and slowly progresses through the mushroom kingdom.