Sentence Examples

  • Whereas tattoo styles such as tribal, zodiac, and artful pieces may have a perennial effect, trendy art such as pinup girls, gangster theme and couple tattoos may be out of vogue before your tattoo even has a chance to heal!
  • Choose from their sizzling Retro Pinup Pink Polka Dot set that features a G-string, garter belt, garters and a peekaboo bra top, their Long Sleeve Fishnet Teddy or one of the dozens of other hot lingerie selections offered.
  • Although you can find vintage pantyhose dating back to the 1960s, when pantyhose became popular, if you want that complete old-fashioned pinup look, wearing stockings with garters will lend you real authenticity.
  • Baby Girl Boutique - Inspired by the pinup girls of the 1950's, their "Scanty Panty" even comes with a "censor line" to cover up your "bottom cleavage" as the website puts it.
  • If your lingerie style is more pinup than modern day, you probably love vintage stockings and want to know where you can buy authentic nylons--real ones as well as replicas.

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