Sentence Examples

  • It was transformed, with the strong approval of all its chief members and the consent of the rest, into a Fourierist "phalanx" in 1845.
  • There is a pair of large nodular sesamoids behind the metacarpo-phalangeal articulation, and a single large transversely-extended sesamoid behind the joint between the second and third phalanx, called the " navicular bone."
  • The bottom bone is the terminal phalanx which is inserted in the heart of the hoof.
  • They formed the phalanx, and were divided into 6 brigades (raEets), probably on the territorial system.
  • In spite of his efforts the bill was carried through all its stages by an unbroken phalanx of Liberals, Labour men, and Nationalists, showing a majority in important divisions of rio; and was only rejected by the Lords in the early months of 1913.