Sentence Examples

  • I hope you are not smoking any more because it's a stupid waste of money, an overrated prop, it makes your breath stink, ages you faster than just about anything, and causes major health problems.
  • Even if you think The Strokes are (or should I say, were) highly overrated, it's hard to not tap your feet to this catchy, retro-rock, Iggy Pop/Velvet Underground dance party.
  • The value of the Pahlavi interpretation was overrated by Spiegel„ Darmesteter, but wholly denied by Roth.
  • Lithium salts render the urine alkaline and are in virtue of their action diuretic. They are much prescribed for acute or chronic gout, and as a solvent to uric acid calculi or gravel, but their action as a solvent of uric acid has been certainly overrated, as it has been shown that the addition of medicinal doses of lithium to the blood serum does not increase the solubility of uric acid in it.
  • This, undoubtedly, was the part of his task that Innocent preferred, and it was to this, as well as to his much overrated moral and theological treatises, that he owed his enormous contemporary prestige.