Sentence Examples

  • While the style, tenor, and tone of these presentations may vary, the overarching theme of the presentation will usually deal with stress and its various components.
  • Allowing them to do so will not only foster researching skills (which should be an overarching goal of all of their classes) but it will also encourage a deeper understanding of the culture and ideas of Francophone countries.
  • When first released, it opened to mixed reviews, yet is now commonly thought to be the most mature work of the six-movie series, and a more fully-formed reflection of Lucas' overarching mythos.
  • The overarching benefit of making your baby's food is that it gives you the opportunity to provide your child with optimal ingredients at a lower cost than purchasing premade food.
  • It should also incorporate a structure that fosters individual learning, and it may even include group critiques or an overarching assignment such as a story or novel.