Sentence Examples

  • Patients with high myopia, greater than 6.00 diopters, have an increased risk of developing a retinal tear, hole, or detachment; a posterior staphyloma; a posterior vitreous detachment; or glaucoma.
  • For the child with diabetes, fluctuations in blood sugars can cause swelling of the cornea of the eye, leading to transient increases in myopia, which stabilize once the diabetes is controlled.
  • Since elevated levels of insulin may be associated with increased myopia; a diet low in those foods that increase insulin secretion, such as refined carbohydrates, may help decrease myopia.
  • As the child enters school, distance vision becomes critical for learning, and children with prescriptions of at least 1.00 diopter of myopia or who have 20/40 vision or worse should be given glasses.
  • Some of the contacts that the company offers include contacts for individuals suffering from myopia or hyperopia, contacts for individuals suffering from presbyopia, sports tinted contact lenses, and contact lenses for therapeutic use.