Sentence Examples

  • Super Sorting: Using muffin tins, measuring cups, or other small containers, have the child sort small, like items into designated numbered containers (use a piece of masking tape or a sticky note to number).
  • Whole Grain English Muffin with Peanut Butter and Jelly - Thanks to diabetic-friendly sections in most chain grocery stores, it's easier than ever to find low sugar products like nut butters and jellies.
  • One slice of bread, ½ of a hamburger roll, bagel, or English muffin, ½ cup cooked rice, pasta, barley, oatmeal, and other whole grains, 1 ounce of dry cereal, and 4 small crackers equal one serving each.
  • So while it is true that an organic muffin will probably be healthier for you than a regular processed muffin, you still must pick and choose which organic snacks are best for your dietary needs.
  • Find arcade games that are specifically designed for girls at sites like GamesLand, which offers lots of great girl-themed arcade games, like Holly Hobbie Muffin Maker and Fruit Cake Decoration.