Sentence Examples

  • To W., under the pressure of the Aorzes (the Mordvinian Erzya) and Siraks, who in their turn were soon followed, by the Huns and Uigur-Turkish Avars.
  • The confluence of the Oka and the Volga, inhabited in the 10th century by Mordvinian tribes, began to be coveted by the Russians as soon as they had occupied the upper Volga, and as early as the Iith century they established a fort, Gorodets, 20 m.
  • The spirit-land of the Ibo on the Lower Niger had its rivers, forests or hills, its towns and roads, as upon earth: 1 the spirits of the Mordvinian mythology, created by Chkai, not only resembled men, they even possessed the faculty of reproduction by multiplication.