Sentence Examples

  • A marksman who has a sniper rifle, blaster pistol, thermal detonator, auto turret dispenser and recon druid.
  • Seagal is also a reported expert marksman, trained in SWAT (not sure if that's true) and has a black belt in Akido (probably true).
  • Play as four different types of fighters, a marksman, pilot, demolitions specialist and basic grunt unit.
  • 0 With the introduction of quick-firing guns it was felt that the layer should have the same control over his gun as a marksman had over his rifle, and this would be Proceedings R.A.
  • The general result has been to show that a mythological marksman and an impossible bailiff bearing the name of a real family have been joined with confused and distorted reminiscences of the events of 1245-47, in which the names of many real persons have been inserted and many unauthenticated acts attributed to them.