Sentence Examples

  • With 60-second speed drying nail polishes available in traditional formulas, you can paint your nails and head out the door in a matter of minutes, without worrying about your new manicure being ruined.
  • Whether you believe in the folklore behind the symbol or simply appreciate the ranch and equestrian theme, why not consider these unique ways to apply horseshoe nail art to your next manicure or pedicure and see if luck follows?
  • It takes some practice - the most skilled nail designers can do it with ease in just a couple of minutes per nail - but once you've mastered the art of the marbled French Manicure, you'll want to sport this design all the time!
  • If you love the idea of adding horseshoes to your next manicure but fear you lack the creativity and skill to pull it off, you can always book an appointment with a professional nail technician for best results.
  • A nail spa may offer an express manicure lasting 15 to 20 minutes, while also offering a more indulgent manicure in which more time will be spent on tending to the client, often lasting a full 90 minutes.