Sentence Examples

  • Religion, therefore, is earlier than theo logy.
  • If N = a p, then p is called the logarithm of N to the base a, and is written logy N.
  • Psycho- of the second and third divisions have been treated by logy.
  • No doubt the Phoenicians had their legends and myths to account for the origin of man and the universe; to some extent these would Myth R e!,, o logy have resembled the ideas embodied in the book of and Genesis.
  • If alleged Psycho- P g Logy.ic a priori constituents of knowledge - such rubrics as substance, property, relation - come to be explained psychologically, the formal logic that has perforce to ignore all that belongs to psychology is confined within too narrow a range to be able to maintain its place as an independent discipline, and tends to be merged in psychology.