Sentence Examples

  • Interaction of histamine with receptors on blood vessels causes neighboring cells to become leaky, leading to the fluid collection, swelling, and increased redness characteristic of a runny nose and red, irritated eyes.
  • If, however, one of the ureters has a dead end, a stricture or stenosis (narrowing), or a leaky ureterovesical valve (between the ureter and bladder), infection is the likely result.
  • Installing an aluminum storm is easy, and the windows are so cost effective that there's no reason you shouldn't install them if you have a home that suffers from leaky windows.
  • To reduce exposure to mold, indoor humidity should be decreased to less than 50 percent, leaky faucets and pipes should be repaired, and vaporizers avoided.
  • Shops and restaurants will feature wizarding fare and merchandise, letting guests take a bit of magic home with them even if they live far from the fabled Diagon Alley, Leaky Cauldron, or Ministry of Magic.