Sentence Examples

  • A. montana (Mountain Tobacco) is a European plant about 12 inches high, with smooth, lance-shaped leaves and yellow flowers 2 inches across in summer, the blooms gathered into threes and fours on hairy stems.
  • Ground Nut (Apios Tuberosa) - A graceful tuberous-rooted perennial of twining habit, with leaves cut into five lance-shaped leaflets, and fragrant brown flowers in dense clusters from July to September.
  • Heloniopsis - Dwarf perennial plants of the Lily order, from Japan, forming neat tufts of erect lance-shaped leaves of a few inches high, and carrying short spikes of flower in early spring.
  • Meconopsis Simplicifolia - s a tuft of lance-shaped leaves, 3 to 5 inches long, slightly toothed, and covered with a short, dense, brownish pubescence.
  • Funkia Lancifolia - A small species, with tufts of lance-shaped leaves, narrowing from the middle towards both ends.