Sentence Examples

  • On his retirement from office he returned to journalism and business.
  • After all she had been through, journalism looked less attractive.
  • In London Benjamin was able to earn a little money by journalism, and on the 13th of January 1866 he entered Lincoln's Inn.
  • Until 1894 he devoted himself to religious teaching, and subsequently to politics, literature and journalism, having founded the Standaard and the Heraut in 1872, and contributing to it a daily front-page column of notes on current politics and theology.
  • MATURIN MURRAY BALLOU (1820-1895), son of the first Hosea, was a pioneer in American illustrated journalism, edited Gleason's Pictorial and Ballou's Monthly and many collections of quotations, and in 1872 became editor-in-chief of the Boston Daily Globe, of which he was one of the founders.