Sentence Examples

  • Romas had no qualms about invading her bedroom to drag her out of bed if Evelyn directed him to.
  • His labours were as various as they were incessant - now guiding the councils of the league, now addressing crowded and enthusiastic meetings of his supporters in London or the large towns of England and Scotland, now invading the agricultural districts and challenging the landlords to meet him in the presence of their own farmers, to discuss the question in dispute, and now encountering the Chartists, led by Feargus O'Connor.
  • Lisa glanced sharply at Sarah, a slow flush invading her face.
  • After this marriage Philip broke the peace of Europe by invading Sardinia.
  • As to the character of the invading elements that hastened its close, and the date of their incursions, contemporary Egyptian monuments afford the best clue.