Sentence Examples

  • The game runs fine when using it with Windows 7, but when you try to snap the window to the left or right, the window inconsistently snaps to one-quarter of the screen or snaps correctly, as Snap is suppose to do.
  • FONT SIZE: Usually defined by a number from 1 (smallest) to 6 (largest), this was inconsistently displayed on various web browsers.
  • Blue granites are rare, with the minerals that cause the blue pigment to show up sporadically and inconsistently.
  • It states essentially the Roman doctrine of purgatory, and asserts the world-wide primacy of the pope as the "true vicar of Christ and the head of the whole Church, the Father and teacher of all Christians"; but, to satisfy the Greeks, inconsistently adds that all the rights and privileges of the Oriental patriarchs are to be maintained unimpaired.
  • Consequently, a species or genus is not a substance, as Aristotle says it is in the Categories (inconsistently with his own doctrine of substances), but a whole number of substances, e.g.