Sentence Examples

  • New Order have always managed to sound contemporary through the years, often they've sounded innovative and groundbreaking.
  • Dr. Elisabeth Kübler-Ross (1926-2004) is a world-renown psychiatrist and author whose 1969 groundbreaking book, On Death and Dying, helped changed society's view about tragedy and grief.
  • While you won't be amazed by groundbreaking graphics and earth-shattering sound in Wii Sports, Nintendo has done a good job of jazzing it up with vibrantly-colored backgrounds, fluid animations, and quirky-looking characters.
  • Any DVD release of All My Children would have to include Erica (Susan Lucci) storylines from her groundbreaking abortion in 1973 to the birth of Miranda to the intertwining storylines dealing with her father Eric Kane.
  • Based on university research and groundbreaking studies, Fighting for Your Marriage: Positive Steps for Preventing Divorce and Preserving a Lasting Love teaches troubled couples how to cope with conflict better.