Sentence Examples

  • Congo Falls: This flume ride may seem small at only 34 feet tall, but the massive tidal wave it unleashes is sure to drench everyone aboard as well as unwary onlookers on the crossover bridge.
  • Blackfoot Falls: A dramatic flume boat ride with a tremendous plunge - not only do riders get soaked, but so do spectators who dare to cross the precariously placed bridge.
  • Two tremendous wave pools, bumper boats, a relaxing endless river, the Adventure River with geysers, waterfalls, and waves, and the Flash Flood flume boat ride with wavefront bridge are just a few of the fun watery options.
  • Maverick is located in the park's Frontier Town section on the former site of the family flume ride, White Water Landing, and the coaster's mild theming and bucking bronco logo fit well with this area of the park.
  • Snake River Falls: This figure 8 flume ride towers 82 feet tall and brings riders to a thundering splashdown at speeds higher than 40 miles per hour, producing a 1,600 square foot wave.