Sentence Examples

  • I gather information and present findings, not give my opinions.
  • His duties are described in detail by the king's regulations, but may be summed up as consisting of seeing that the charges are in order, pointing out any informalities or defects in the charges or in the constitution of the court, seeing that any witness required by prosecutor or prisoner is summoned, keeping the minutes of the proceedings, advising on matters of law which arise at any time after the warrant for the courtmartial is issued, drawing up the findings and sentence, and forwarding the minutes when completed to the admiralty.
  • Every one of its own findings is a decretum - except five, among the sacramental chapters, each of which is headed doctrina.
  • Findings of the Commission were to be prima facie evidence in any court proceeding for the enforcement of its orders.
  • I assumed we'd discuss our latest findings but Howie, ever hyper in the secrecy department, disallowed any mention our activities in public.