Sentence Examples

  • The one D's looking for?
  • This is one of D's compounds.
  • C or cz is pronounced as English ts; cs as English ch; ds as English j; zs as French j; gy as dy.
  • If the primary wave at 0 be cos kat, the effect of the secondary wave proceeding from the element dS at Q is dS 1 dS - p cos k(at - p+ 4 A) = - -- sin k(at - p).
  • If dS =27rxdx, we have for the whole effect 27r œ sin k(at - p)x dx, f P ' or, since xdx = pdp, k = 27r/A, - k fr' sin k(at - p)dp= [- cos k(at - p)]°° r.